Marco Finotello (also known as Marco Soundee and Marc Rodgers) born in the beautiful city of Venice.
From a young age the art of music always intrigued him, which led him to study music professionally at the Academy of Music, specializing in percussion instruments and drums. It was in 1982 that he started to showcase his musical talents and DJ at various clubs and radio stations.

In 1993 he worked as a sound designer for The Mach2, an audio post production studio in Milan, during his employment, he had the opportunity to work alongside some famous TV and film directors (Joel Schumacher, Jan De Bont, Zack Snyder, Tony Kaye, Martha Fiennes, Gabriele Salvatores, Paolo Sorrentino, Gabriele Muccino, Giuseppe Tornatore, Emir Kusturica, Silvio Soldini, Dario Piana and many more).

He got his big break in 2004 to head up and edit his first movie "L'Isola". The movie was also presented at the Venice film meeting of the 61st Venice film festival.
In 2005 along with Jean Christophe Casalini (with the name MJ Solution) it has the possibility to make the music for the Tuborg spot commercial "Steel Teeth". His passion for the music was re-energized and he started working as a DJ and producer.

In 2010 until 2015 Marco works at the Movie & Arts studio in Milan as a sound designer and music producer for tv and cinema.
In 2011 with some musicians, founded "The Vibes Organization" a new group with funky/soul influence.
In 2012 with the jazz singer Eric van Aro and Sebastiano Mambretti founded "The EGH Project" a soulful vocals, organic beats, chilled poolside vibes experience.Now in 2016 he worked as free lance.